November 2, 2017

About Me

Ian Ford is an English author best known for The Inspection series of books. He was born in Sheffield in 1974 to a working-class family: his mom worked as a cook in a rundown primary school and his dad worked as a kitchen fitter for one failing business after another. With his one brother, Ian grew up in such upper-class council estates as the Manor, Gleadless Valley and Darnall and was educated at Myrtle Springs Secondary School; a place where pupils entertained themselves by trying to cut each other’s’ throats with salvaged pencil sharpener blades.

Despite such a privileged and rich upbringing, as an adult Ian decided to slum it with the dregs of society and become a secondary school teacher. In his illustrious time in this bottom of the barrel profession, he taught mathematics at various schools around Sheffield before finally bettering himself and becoming a writer, via other such well-respected professions as Postman and call centre operator.

Ian's first book, The Inspection: Part One, draws heavily on his experiences as a teacher; offering a darkly humorous view of a school under government inspection… but with less bloodshed. He is currently balancing his time between writing his second book - The Inspection: Part Two (funnily enough) - and working at the home of sport- Sky TV.

Ian still lives in Sheffield, England with his gorgeous partner Sarah and his pet monkey Jack (Jack is his little boy and he's gorgeous before you call social services - I know some of you have itchy dialling fingers). As well as finishing the concluding three parts of his first novel - The Inspection - he is in the process of writing a book about a serial killer terrorising a quiet English village called ‘Redlock’, a children’s book entitled ‘The Wishfactory’ and an attempt to bring a slasher movie vibe to the book medium with ‘Wax’.