The Inspection: Part One

Nice … opening to what could be a cracking story. In parts funny and with a couple of really tense scenes, especially the ending" 5 out of 5

The Inspection: Part One

King Henrys is a small school in a small village, with average exam results and the same problems faced by all schools.

To the Village Council this is its biggest problem. They want a school at the top of the exam tables, a school revered across the country and a school that is perfect in every way.

But after years of declining standards and mediocrity things are going to change, because today a special team of Inspectors are paying a visit and they will stop at nothing to deliver the Council's vision. Even if it kills them .... All of them.

To Amarande, the lead Inspector and a creature of pure hate and vengeance, this is nothing new: he's been venting his monstrous version of justice for centuries and is well versed in the art of being judge, jury and executioner. To him the inspection is a simple case of you're good enough or you die.

With the snow falling and the staff rapidly disapearing, can Sam Thorne, a teacher at the end of his tether and Millie Fox, a pupil with difficulty telling dream from reality, figure out what is going on before it's too late?

For the staff and pupils at King Henrys terror has descended upon the school and getting to the end of the day will be murder.

The Inspectors are in and hell has come with them.

Part one of a terrifying and darkly humorous four part series of novellas by acclaimed author Ian Ford.

The Inspection: Part One Available Now


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